On Dismantling Love

Su-Feh: What is the eye of the judge for you, Zab?

Zab: Well, I don't believe in purity of any kind of movement. Whether it be movement or the ones gazing, whatever entity or instance that is in a place of gazing, or judging me, or the being that I am at the time, that I am and so forth and so on. So when it comes to movement, the first thing you have to learn is to, of course, de-socialize yourself from basically these representations that you are supposed to carry in you. You have to learn to take a distance from the(...) You cannot stop people from putting what they want, but you're working at de-stabilizing the gaze, and to look at the expectations and the beloved one. You have to learn to not count on that love anymore. You have to question the idea, the very idea of love. You have to question all that, put it, not count on it, not think that it's there for you.

You are there as an artist, a mover, a dancer to propose another reality sort of. Propose something else. A place where things are of the unknown. And to do that you need to work specifically at dismantling things that deal with the world of representation. Social representation, body representation, imagination in the very deep ideas we may have of what love or emotion is. And all of this has to be dismantled. And we've got to work at finding the ways, the means, by which we can do that.

So, the violence is there already. You have to have some violence on you. You have to be able to apply the violence on you because you are a social product, and if you're an artist you still are a social product, you still have to live in society.

So the societal pressures are always there and you have to fulfill your other duties while you're an artist. You may be able to totally exclude yourself from it, but hardly; you still have to live in a society, so it's a constant work. It's something that you constantly have to do, and if you're teaching to other people, you have to be able to put that thing, put them in that situation that they're able to do that, but it's still something of your capacity to, to deal with the situation of being a dancer. Basically this art of dance is supposed to teach me that you have to be able to get rid of these expectations. You are not dancing for the ones who love you, precisely. You are dancing for people you don't know about.

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