On Violence and the Artist

Su-Feh: Umm, I'm going to ah, keep using the word violence. Because I like it, because I feel often, and I say violence without any judgment upon violence. Or moral judgment on violence. And I feel, often, we run away from violence. And the denial of violence doesn't actually help us have very interesting conversations, let's put it this way. But, it's a political choice also for me to use the word violence because it makes us think in more activist terms, I think. You can think of art as an action, which I guess is my agenda. But I'd like to take us to the body of the performer, of the, of being- and to consider um, the violence of being watched and, and if we were to turn that around and look at the people that are watching us, uh, what happens? And can we do that easily, do we need permission to do that, etcetera, etcetera.

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